A Characteristic Feature of ICOs Feed Price Fluctuations

In the bitcoin world, which has increased its market volume since January 2017, the newly produced crypto coins continue to emerge at an increasing pace. Investors are changing these new crypto coins with bitcoin or ethereum. Generally, the target of investors is to change these new crypto coins with more bitcoins, which may increase in price when they are traded on stock exchanges. Unfortunately, this situation is moving a wide range of price fluctuations. The economic system we will describe below is a proposal for reducing price fluctuations.

Refund System

If a reimbursement system can be offered at the public offering stage of the crypto coins, a set will be taken to prevent price fluctuations and investments being wasted. The most important point of the take-back system is the withdrawal from a price that can meet the amount of sales that can be excluded in the token sale stage. Let's embody our idea with an example:

A real example: Global Network Token (GNET)

Total items: 50.000.000 (limited)

Sale: 40,000,000

Not sold: 10,000,000

Sales price: 0.00015000 satoshi

Revenue:6000 BTC

Return price: 0.00012000 satoshi

Refund price formula: Total pcs / Acquired Income (6000 / 50.000.000 = 0.00012000 satoshi)

So how will the project finance be provided if all the Refund System is allocated?

We are sure you will like the answer: in its own currency. Since the minimum price is determined in the crypto coins with the refund system (in our example, 12000 satoshi), it is not a problem to make project finance with their own money. On the contrary, it is encouraged to do so. It would be a good initiation to start using crypto coins purchased in Token sale stage in this way.

Benefits of Refund System

The last point where the price may fall is obvious.

Depletion of deposited money is prevented.

The amount of bitcoin locked in the Refund system will reduce the amount of bitcoin circulating in the market. It will make a positive contribution to Bitcoin's price fluctuations.

The interest shown to ICOs will increase. The amount risked in investment is lower than the probability of gain. For the probability of winning two or three times a quarter can be lost.

The prestige of the Altcoins will increase.

In ICOs that can attract investors, spending will be limited.

An opportunity will be given to those who want to regain their investment.

We do not think that crypto money managers will be willing to implement the system mentioned above. This change can only be achieved by the demands of the investors. We want you to share this article in order to raise awareness among all investors.

In the example above, we had to talk about our own project. Because many things in the world of crypto money have been misformed, we could not open a space in this environment. While ICO promotional activities turn into activities that need to be evaluated in the “spam” category, we hope to introduce ourselves to investors through this article.

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