Can the Owners Manipulate Crypto Coins?

Successful icos are able to collect thousands of investments in bitcoins. In addition, coins, which are not offered for sale or sold, are in the hands of crypto money holders with the revenues collected. When we think that there is no high moral value in every human being, it is entirely up to chance that this power is not used for manipulation. Because local laws do not have the authority to constantly control the global market. Under these circumstances, the only obstacle to negative situations is the investor's preferences. What the investor needs to do is not to support the future of uncertain projects.

The economic structures of crypto coins are extremely uncertain. Where the collected capitals are spent is not subject to any control. The capacity of managers to manage economic activities cannot be measured. Investors cannot think that their own money has been consumed when applauding the CEOs who are in the country looking for deals and nothing can be said about those who can think.

Our advice to our investors is that they stay away from unpredictable and uncontrolled crypto money. Another thing investors need to do is to force the crypto money managers to be more transparent and demand that crypto money be offered to buy back the investment as we do in Global Network Token (GNET). In this way, a positive step will be taken for the audit of financing and the more controlled control of expenditures will be supported. In negative cases, the ability of investors to take back financing will force crypto money managers to be more careful.

In our opinion, until the necessary legal arrangements are made, the most important control mechanism of the crypto money world is the investors themselves and its awareness should be the next most important goal.

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