Global Network Operating System

GNOS Features


Built on Linux Kernel (not a linux distro)

Blockchain based application and gaming market

Manage all crypto currency from a built-in wallet

Trading robot and access to exchanges

Safe news and reviews

Built-in DNS service



As you know, mainboard-> bios-> mbr-> group-> kernel-> init opens in sequence. GNOS will start at this point. We won't use KDE or GNOME. We aim a completely original, simple and clean operating system.

The only way to install a new program will be the application market.

Each application will have free and paid version.

Game market is very important for us. We will encourage game developers to develop blockchain-based games.

Instead of using separate wallets for each crypto money, you can manage your portfolio from a single wallet. We will also provide stake support.

We will provide data flow and order entry link to central and decentralized exchanges. This link will be with the trading robot.

Reliable news and reviews are very important for the crypto world. GNTV will publish in-day informations via youtube.

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