Safe Icos

Global Network Token (GNET)
"First crypto currency offering a refund option"
Sale Price
0.00013 Bitcoin
Refund Price
0.00012 Bitcoin
In Sales
40.000.000 GNET
Project Costs
10.000.000 GNET
Max Supply
50.000.000 GNET

Sales System

8.000.000 GNET -> 0.00013 Bitcoin (Level 1)

8.000.000 GNET -> 0.00014 Bitcoin (Level 2)

8.000.000 GNET -> 0.00015 Bitcoin (Level 3)

8.000.000 GNET -> 0.00016 Bitcoin (Level 4)

8.000.000 GNET -> 0.00017 Bitcoin (Level 5)

Token Sale Stage

Many crypto-money projects lose their rhythm and lose price stability after showing the peak of their energy at the token sale stage. Crypto-money managers who make statements that focus on the product, not the price, prove our claim. For this reason, we do not foresee any token sales schedule. The duration of the sale of Token will determine the interest of the investor. When 40M GNET is sold, token sale will be completed.


Crypto currencies are trying to attract a high investment, to market an imagination by introducing big deals or goals. Despite the fact that the financial system should pass from traditional money to crypto coins, it tries to make a name for itself by establishing relations with the central finance authorities. Banks or financial authorities can easily produce their own crypto coins. We would like to know that the crypto coins that emerged with the promise of a deal with these focal points have a failure in the purpose of the exit phase. Our goal is to change people's exchange habits. We think that the financial system will keep up with the changing habits of people.

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